Sailrock Case Study

The Brief.

When one logo isn’t enough, sometimes you have to do nine. That was our challenge while developing a brand to help market an entire island in the Turks & Caicos chain. Sailrock, South Caicos is a long-term development of an entire island which will ultimately consist of stand alone homes, villas and hotels. Additional development plans call for a golf course and waterfront redevelopment.

The Plan.

In order to create a cohesive brand for the island, we began with an overall logo and creative direction for Sailrock at large, then provided a brand system to consist of individual sub-brands for all the various locations around the island. Marketing materials and ad campaigns have a universal quality due to a global target audience.

Acre Island Resort

Distinct Sub-Brands


Year Relationship

The Results

The Island resort has received global recognition as a new vacation destination and continues to welcome new homeowners and visitors. We continue to work with our client as they progress on the creation of this exotic destination.

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